You can benefit from Currency Diversification by Real Estate in two ways:
Your capital is not frozen, leaving you with flexible control of your investment
You money is safe from the risks of single-currency investment

Breaking news

Santo Domingo: Economic boom, +100%  GDP during the last 10 years.
Florida thriving increase in real estate value: +27%: investors keep considering this area as their favorite.
IMF forecast: GDP +6,8%, Myanmar has one of the highest rate of economic growth in the world.
Vietnam economy keeps growing with an average annual rate of 6,9% GDP since 1990.
NAHB: In 2016, 146 metropolitan areas in the U.S.A have exceded their former economic levels  and real estate activities in the Q2.
Dominican Republic: GDP +6,9% in 2015, the best result achieved in South America.
Poland: expected more than 100 billion € from EU by 2020, coming from the Cohesion and the Rural Development Funds.

We should be the ones in control deciding how our money works for us?

It’s easy to see the difference between the usual investment advisor and ourselves thanks to AroundInvesting’s Real Estate Currency Diversification Method:

Why people delay in making investments

Some people are waiting for Governments to pass laws to protect properties

Some people are waiting to be told the economic crisis is over

Some people are waiting for real estate investments to increase in value

The AroundInvesting method

We look for
booming markets

We look for countries 
where investors’ properties are protected


With us the investment property can offer an
immediate yield


If you’ve decided that there is no time to lose to start making your money earn for you, get in touch with us

All countries with high growth potential in the real estate market are constantly monitored by our observatory

We choose to proceed with investment properties only if they meet these four conditions:


A strong real estate revaluation potential
(over 3% per year)

Growth of the rental market

A strong demand in the rental market, which provides a ROI of at least 8% per year

Favourable legislation

The country protects both the investment and the investor

Tax optimization

There is a sustainable and optimizable tax system

In which markets do we operate?

Investments are not interested in languages, skin colour or religion.
Investments only speak the language of facts and figures.

Our experts analyze all the international real estate market fundamentals, in order to identify opportunities for market entry and asset revaluation over the medium term, usually in two types of cases:

Emerging markets experiencing a full-scale economic boom

Consolidated markets currently in the pre-bubble or post-bubble phase

If you believe that our method is in line with your vision of real estate investments, you can start collaborating with us:

Join the AroundInvesting Club and invest in the areas identified by our observatory

Your real estate investment is immediate.

We will assign you one of our experienced property managers to supervise your investment, and you can immediately start earning your annuity.

You can cash in on the investment benefits quarterly, without the headaches associated to the management or organization of your investment.

After only a few months, you can receive the first payment of your AroundInvesting annuity, paid directly into your bank account.

Simply fill out the form below with your personal data if you wish to be contacted by one of our experts, who will explain our complete procedure to you in full, as well as sending you all our in-depth information files about AroundInvesting, including our full range of real estate investment opportunities.

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